Swiss Championship Tennis Qualifiers 2020 in Bern

Swiss Championship Tennis Qualifiers 2020 in Bern

Hi from the Bern Swiss Junior Tennis Championship Qualifiers.

Francesca Saroli practicing tennis in Bern, Switzerland, in July 2020

Unfortunately once more I did not qualify for the main G14 draw, losing in the last qualifying round. Just like in the winter event, where I lost against Tina Moser in the last qualifying round.

Below you will find all the players in both the Main Draw and Qualifying Draw. By UTR rating I am the 22nd of all the G14 girls and the 5th of all the qualifiers.

My part of the qualifying draw was as follows:

I was given a bye for the first round since I am one of the strongest in the Qualifiers. The second round I won against Cassandra Marra, even though I played very badly.

The third round I lost against Sarina Schnyder. I played not well, lost the first set but won the second. She played quite strong the third set and she qualified for the main draw.

So while it is disappointing not to be qualified, at least since I am only 13 (from 2007), next year all the players born in 2006 (about half of them), will not be able to participate in the G14, and so I probably will automatically be qualified for the G14 final draw. Time will tell if I am right.

Francesca Saroli