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Francesca Saroli’s Tennis Ratings as of January 2022

Hi everyone!

I’m doing my best to improve, here are my current January 2022 tennis ratings, I will check again in a few months and we will see if they get better.

UTR: 7.87, Tennis Europe U14 #300, All Girls #510, Swiss: R1, French 1/6. See the images below for more details.

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Francesca Saroli won a Tournament in Bern

Hi everyone!

This weekend I won a tournament in Bern. I was looking for a tournament during the Christmas holiday, and the only place which had a tournament with lots of players (more than 20) was Bern. The rules were that they would make sub tournaments of 8 players. As it turned out, because of the fact that they use old ratings from October (where I am an R4), I was the first seed of the second tournament, and I easily beat all 3 players I played.

I got a trophy and instead of a prize I got a 50% discount coupon far a future participation in a MKTA tournament, not too generous. Not sure I will ever go back to that tennis club in the future.

My December 2019 Swiss Ranking is R3 (#512)

Hi everyone!

The Swiss Tennis ranking is tricky. They only publish “official” rankings twice a year, on October 1 and April 1.

However, they calculate monthly rankings, and if you want to find out what your monthly ranking is, you need to get a subscription and pay SFr. 1.50 per month for that. Only people who subscribe to that “service” can see their monthly rating.

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Swiss Championship Qualifiers G14, Bollingen, November 2019

Hi everyone!

I just got back from Bern, where I played the Qualifiers of the Swiss Championship G14. I had a tough draw because first had to play the seed #7 Matilde Tavazza, rated 6.06 UTR, but beat her 7-6 6-2, then beat Alexandra Gasser, then unfortunately in the last qualifying round lost to Tina Moser rated 6.40, she was too strong for me that day.

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Francesca Saroli won a tennis tournament in Nyon

That’s me with my 1st place medal

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to let you know I won a tournament in Nyon on November 1 and 2, 2019.

I played 3 rounds, and beat everyone.
Round 1: I beat Fay-Lynn Jongbloed 6-3 6-1 (R4)
Round 2: I beat Estelle Bezos 6-3 6-1 (R3, 5.23 UTR)
Final: I beat Margaux Hofer 6-1 6-1 (4.73 UTR)

See the photos below for more info.

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This year I am at Mouratoglou Academy!

Since I love to play tennis so much, this year I moved to the South of France to be in the Tennis + School program at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

Bonjour tout le monde!
Jusqu’à juin 2019, j’ai habité à Key Biscayne, en Floride. Mes parents ont décidé de m’inscrire au programme Tennis + Ecole de l’Académie de Tennis de Mouratoglou, à Nice. que j’ai commencé en septembre 2019.

Francesca Saroli

Привет всем!
В этом году я переехала на юг Франции, учусь в программе Теннис + Школа Академии Тенниса Муратоглу, в Ницце.

Франческа Сароли