Francesca Tennis

Francesca Saroli, 16-year old tennis player currently in the Pro Program at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

About me

Hi! My name is Francesca Saroli and I turned 16 on April 22, 2023. My mom is Russian and my dad is from Switzerland/Colombia, and I was born in Miami. I speak English, Russian and Spanish and I am learning French. I started to play tennis in Florida when I was 4 years old and loved it. When I turned 12 we moved to Europe and I joined the Tennis-School program of the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy for the 2019-2020 school year. Since the 2020-2021 year I joined the Pro Team at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. My home is in Villars-sur-Ollon in Switzerland. You will find out more about me on this page. Make sure to also visit my blog for the most current news.

Qui suis-je?

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Francesca Saroli et j'ai 16 ans. Ma mère est russe et mon père est Suisse/Colombien. Je suis née à Miami en avril 2007. Je parle couramment l'anglais, le russe et l'espagnol, et j'apprends le français. J'ai commencé le tennis à 4 ans et les tournois à 10 ans. J'ai commencé le programme Ecole-Tennis de l'Académie de Tennis Mouratoglou à Nice en 2019 et depuis 2020 j'ai été intégrée au Pro Team de l'Académie. J'habite Villars-sur-Ollon, dans le canton de Vaud, en Suisse. Mes informations les plus fraîches sont sur mon blog.

Обо мне

Всем привет! Я - Франческа Сароли и мне 16 лет. Моя мама из России, а папа - Швейцарец с колумбийскими корнями. Я родилась в Майами, в апреле 2007 года. Я свободно говорю по-английский, по-русски и по-испански. А сейчас учу французский. Я начала играть в теннис в 4 года, в солнечном Майами было легко найти теннисные корты. Когда мне исполнилось 12 лет, мы переехали в Европу, и я поступила в Теннисную Академию Mouratoglou. В этом году я в Pro Team Академии. Своим домом в Европе я считаю маленький городок в горах Швейцарии - Виллар-сюр-Оллон. На этой страничке вы сможете узнать больше обо мне и моей карьере. Узнать о самых текущих событиях в моей теннисной карьере, можно прочитав мой блог.

My Coaches

I am grateful to all my coaches around the world who have shared their knowledge and love of the game. I have had coaches in Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, USA, and Colombia. You can see their photos and many more on my photo albums page
  • Mouratoglou Academy, Nice, France

    I work with several coaches at the Academy. My main coach for the last 3 years is Christophe Couprie. The first year at the Academy my coach was Romain van Rillas.
  • Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

    In Switzerland I am member of the Tennis Club Gryon/Villars-sur-Ollon. I have worked with Raphaël Magnin and Andy Moore. I also worked with Brett Barillon and Jean-Yves Rechenmann.
  • Miami, USA

    The last years I worked with Candela Muños, Michael Elguera, Nick Kontos and Julio Velazquez.
  • Lido di Venezia, Italy

    Every summer I train at the Lido Tennis Club with Federico Bizzarini.
  • Cali, Colombia

    One of the best tennis coaches I've ever had works at the Club Campestre of Cali, Colombia. His name is Carlos.
  • Moscow, Russia

    I trained with Dzhemal, the dad of tennis champion Anna Chakvetadze. It's about a 1-hour drive from Moscow.


Francesca Saroli

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1885 Chèsières, Suisse