Francesca Saroli wins Tennis Junior MKTA Tournament in Bern

Francesca Saroli wins Tennis Junior MKTA Tournament in Bern

Francesca Saroli wins Tennis Junior MKTA Tournament in Bern on March 21, 2021

Hi everyone!

On Sunday March 21, 2021 I played a tennis tournament in Bern for girls less than 20 years old. I was the youngest (I’m 13 now) and lowest ranked.

Francesca Saroli beats Fanny Andrey (UTR 7.11) 6-1 7-5

In the semifinal I beat Fanny Andrey 6-1 7-5 and qualified for the final.

Francesca Saroli beats Noelle Kuhn 6-3 7-5 in the final and gets the Gold trophy

In the final I beat experienced player Noelle Kuhn (she’s R2 now in Switzerland, and according to TennisPocket will be R1 on the next April list) 6-3 7-5.

Francesca Saroli with a gold trophy on March 21, 2021

This tournament concludes my 3 weeks in Switzerland playing tennis tournaments. Overall, I won all 4 tennis tournaments and won all my 9 matches played.

Francesca Saroli plays and wins 4 tennis tournaments in March 2021
Francesca Saroli played 9 matches in March 2021 and won them all

The Swiss tennis ranking system is strange. They calculate a “competition rating” and add a “risk factor” that increases with the number of matches played. I think they do that to give an incentive to players to play more tournaments (so that they finance tennis clubs with their participation fees). But in fact a player who plays less but it ranked 7.0 + 0.3 = 7.3 is stronger than a player ranked 6.6 + 0.8 = 7.4, so I don’t think it’s fair to rank people by the total competition value + risk value.

In October 2020 my ranking was 7.381 + 0.540 = 7.920, which gave me a ranking of #253 (among all women in Switzerland) and therefore the “R2” level (from #145-#284). You get the “R1” level from #76-#144, and you go down to “R3” from #285-#554). If I had not played in March, my April ranking would have gone down to R3 because of the “risk factor” going down (few matches played). Now at least I played 9 matches and I won against girls rated higher than me (that’s if you count the competition value + risk factor), so let’s see what ranking I will get on April 1. In the October 1, 2020 list of G14 I was #11, and qualified to the main draw of the Swiss championship G14. If I had not played any tournaments in Switzerland in March, I would have gone down to #22. But since I did, I hope to be back to the main draw, or even better in the top 10.

I’m back to training.

Francesca Saroli