Francesca Saroli Swiss Tennis Ranking April 2021

Francesca Saroli Swiss Tennis Ranking April 2021

Francesca Saroli Swiss Tennis Ranking April 2021

Hi everyone,

The Swiss Tennis Official Ranking of April 2021 is out. I wrote previously about the fact that Swiss Tennis, while calculating rankings each month, only officially publishes them twice a year, in April and October. If you want to see your intermediate monthly rating, you have to pay 1.5 Swiss franc per player per month. Besides, instead of just having a “competition” value, showing the real strength of a player, they add a “risk” value, which simply is a bonus for playing many matches, regardless if you did well or not. I suppose it’s done to give an incentive for players to play as many tournaments as possible and that way support all the tennis clubs financially. Of course this may be a good thing both for the players and for the clubs, except when you are not often in the country that causes your total ranking to go down for lack of this “risk” bonus.

Bottom line, my last ranking in October 2020 was R2 (253) [that means 253rd woman in Switzerland] and since I did not play till March 1, my ranking would have gone down to R3 (288). Luckily I took a month off and played 4 tournaments, won all 9 matches I played, and so this time my ranking went up to R2 (158). I’m getting close to R1, that classification starts at the 144th woman in Switzerland.

So with my current ranking I am now 9th in Swiss Girls 14, and therefore will be qualified automatically for the main draw of the Swiss Tennis Championships G14 this summer (hopefully in July).

Rankings of top Swiss G14

The table above shows the top Swiss Girls 14 years old in Switzerland as of today. I added UTR rankings which I feel are better, as well as the Swiss rankings without the “risk” bonus.

Francesca Saroli