Francesca Saroli Tennis Rankings May 2021

Francesca Saroli Tennis Rankings May 2021

In May 2021 Francesca Saroli UTR is 7.55

Hi everyone!

Just a short post about tennis rankings. I’ll write about the ones applicable to me, unfortunately I’m not yet in the world top, so I will not cover ITF rankings. In my case, since I play tennis in the USA, France, and Switzerland mostly, there are so many different systems, UTR (international), Swiss Tennis, French Tenup, and USTA.

The one I like best is UTR, it seems to work best for everyone. You can also see your progress clearly. For example when I started the academy 1.5 years ago I was at 5.5, now I’m at 7.5. The best girl college recruits (4 years older than me) are around UTR 10-11, the best women world players are around 12-13. Men are typically 2 points higher at all ages. My goal is to continue to go up from 7.5, let’s see how it goes. Here is the link to my UTR profile. To see the complete data and 2 digits precision (i.e. 7.55 versus 7) you need to subscribe, I think it’s $5/month or so).

In Switzerland they have a different system, that runs N1, N2, N3, N4, R1, R2, R3… R9. At the moment I am R2 but on my way to be R1. In fact on the monthly rating it shows I’ll be R1 next list. Here is the link to my Swiss Tennis ranking from the TennisPocket site. TennisPocket is better than SwissTennis because the info is fresh and free, Swiss Tennis asks you to pay 5.- per month to see fresh data for each player.

In the USA there is the USTA which ranks players according to points achieved in USTA tournaments, so if you are away from the USA you lose all USTA points and you are ranked at the very bottom. But luckily there is the Tennis Recruiting site which does a good job of ranking kids according to even few tournaments. See below the data they have on me (as an 8th grader now, class of 2025). 3 weeks ago I was not at all ranked, and now they ranked me as 27th in Florida and 156th in the USA. If I played more in the USA I could be a little higher than that. Here is the link to my TennisRecruiting profile.

The May 2021 Tennis Recruiting profile of Francesca Saroli
Tournaments played in May 2021 by Francesca Saroli
Florida Top class of 2025 8th graders as of May 2021

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