Covid-19 Tennis Infection

Covid-19 Tennis Infection

The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy closed due to Covid-19 on March 16, 2020

Up to the last moment, we hoped that the Covid-19 virus would spare our Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. We knew that French President Macron would force all schools to close from March 16, 2020, but we hoped that the tennis part would be allowed to continue. It was not the case. On Monday we found out that the Academy itself would close, which made us very sad.

We heard on that same Monday that many countries were about to close borders and it would probably be safer for my dad and me to go to Switzerland by car.

As of today April 6, 2020, Switzerland does not have full confinement, but bans gatherings of more than 5 people, and requests people to keep their distance, not shake hands, and wash hands regularly.

Tennis clubs are forbidden to open or run tournaments, luckily it’s possible to use private courts such as this one below.

A beautiful private court I’ve been able to use during school closure
I met Bret Barillon who was super nice and found great informal hard courts for us to play on
With my Swiss coach Raphaël
One exchange I had with my coach Raphaël Magnin
I played a few days with Morgane Rechenmann, who is 13 and daughter of Jean-Yves Rechenmann. She’s quite good, even ranked “15” in France. It’s great to play with her.
With coach Jean-Yves Rechenmann, his daughter Morgane and Ethan

I hope all of you stay safe, and that my Mouratoglou Tennis Academy will reopen soon.

Francesca Saroli