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Covid-19 Tennis Infection

The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy closed due to Covid-19 on March 16, 2020

Up to the last moment, we hoped that the Covid-19 virus would spare our Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. We knew that French President Macron would force all schools to close from March 16, 2020, but we hoped that the tennis part would be allowed to continue. It was not the case. On Monday we found out that the Academy itself would close, which made us very sad.

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The Mouratoglou Middle School Tennis Girls Team (school year 2019-2020)

The Mouratoglou Middle School Tennis Girls Team

Hi everyone!

As you know I started the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy School + Tennis program last September 2019. We’re now in January 2020 and so I’d like to present to you my class/tennis mates. What I like most is that everyone is very friendly and we all get along great. We all come from different countries and usually communicate in English. We have 3 coaches for 10 kids and we are split into sub groups of 2 or 3 or 4 players according to what the coaches want us to learn. On Fridays we usually play lots of matches between the groups, including the boys and older boys and girls.

Below you can see everyone’s names and the countries they come from and their current tennis UTR ratings as of today January 26, 2020. I’ll check in about 6 months to see how we all progressed.

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Mouratoglou UTR #2 Draw 2

Hi everyone!

This weekend January 18-19, 2020 I played another Mouratoglou UTR tournament, this time in draw #2 quite stronger than last week’s draw #3, with older boys and girls. You can see my results above. I beat 2 players ranked close to 7 UTR: Darren Kawamaura and Laura Holztratner, and lost to Maria Kapustina and James O’sullivan who ended up winning the tournament.

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I got 3rd Place in the Mouratoglou UTR #1 Tournament

Hi everyone!

Today I played a UTR-rated tournament, organized by my academy. In my 3rd Draw, there were kids (girls and boys) of the intermediate groups. The winner is an Indian, Aarwin Saravanan, rated 7.49 UTR, who is in 11th grade, to whom I lost in 1/2 finals. I played 4 boys and beat 3 of 4 of them (Savva Reznikovich, Adrien William Lee Weber, and Amin Ametov). Next week I will play another tournament of this style.

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This year I am at Mouratoglou Academy!

Since I love to play tennis so much, this year I moved to the South of France to be in the Tennis + School program at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

Bonjour tout le monde!
Jusqu’à juin 2019, j’ai habité à Key Biscayne, en Floride. Mes parents ont décidé de m’inscrire au programme Tennis + Ecole de l’Académie de Tennis de Mouratoglou, à Nice. que j’ai commencé en septembre 2019.

Francesca Saroli

Привет всем!
В этом году я переехала на юг Франции, учусь в программе Теннис + Школа Академии Тенниса Муратоглу, в Ницце.

Франческа Сароли