Covid-19 Archive

The Academy reopened!

Hi everyone!

With my friends Zarina and Anelle the first day back to tennis

I’m glad report that the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in France reopened for tennis training on May 18, so my dad and I drove back from Switzerland on Saturday May 16. We misses 2 months of tennis at the academy, but since I played in Switzerland, I’m still in relatively good shape.

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Covid-19 Tennis Infection

The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy closed due to Covid-19 on March 16, 2020

Up to the last moment, we hoped that the Covid-19 virus would spare our Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. We knew that French President Macron would force all schools to close from March 16, 2020, but we hoped that the tennis part would be allowed to continue. It was not the case. On Monday we found out that the Academy itself would close, which made us very sad.

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