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The Mouratoglou Middle School Tennis Girls Team (school year 2019-2020)

The Mouratoglou Middle School Tennis Girls Team

Hi everyone!

As you know I started the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy School + Tennis program last September 2019. We’re now in January 2020 and so I’d like to present to you my class/tennis mates. What I like most is that everyone is very friendly and we all get along great. We all come from different countries and usually communicate in English. We have 3 coaches for 10 kids and we are split into sub groups of 2 or 3 or 4 players according to what the coaches want us to learn. On Fridays we usually play lots of matches between the groups, including the boys and older boys and girls.

Below you can see everyone’s names and the countries they come from and their current tennis UTR ratings as of today January 26, 2020. I’ll check in about 6 months to see how we all progressed.

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