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Francesca Saroli goes to Final in Boca Raton’s ProWorld Presidential Challenger Level6 G14 Tennis tournament

Francesca Saroli and her finalist trophy

Hi everyone!

For my February vacation week, my family went back to Florida, so I could see my school friends whom I have not seen since last June when we moved to Europe so I could go to the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. I took advantage of my Florida visit to play a tennis tournament. The only one we could find was a Level 6 in Boca Raton called ProWorld Presidential Challenger Level 6.

It turned out to be a nice tournament (except for the rain delays), in which I won 4 rounds and only lost in the final to Emma Prisaca, rated 6.01 UTR.

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Francesca Saroli won a Tournament in Bern

Hi everyone!

This weekend I won a tournament in Bern. I was looking for a tournament during the Christmas holiday, and the only place which had a tournament with lots of players (more than 20) was Bern. The rules were that they would make sub tournaments of 8 players. As it turned out, because of the fact that they use old ratings from October (where I am an R4), I was the first seed of the second tournament, and I easily beat all 3 players I played.

I got a trophy and instead of a prize I got a 50% discount coupon far a future participation in a MKTA tournament, not too generous. Not sure I will ever go back to that tennis club in the future.

Francesca Saroli won a tennis tournament in Nyon

That’s me with my 1st place medal

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to let you know I won a tournament in Nyon on November 1 and 2, 2019.

I played 3 rounds, and beat everyone.
Round 1: I beat Fay-Lynn Jongbloed 6-3 6-1 (R4)
Round 2: I beat Estelle Bezos 6-3 6-1 (R3, 5.23 UTR)
Final: I beat Margaux Hofer 6-1 6-1 (4.73 UTR)

See the photos below for more info.

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