Francesca Saroli Tennis Europe Tournaments

Francesca Saroli Tennis Europe Tournaments

Francesca Saroli’s Tennis Europe Ranking after 5 tournaments

Hi everyone!

Last year I had trouble to be able to play in Tennis Europe tournaments because they accept people not based on their UTR strength, but on their Tennis Europe ranking. I had played a TE Tournament in Spain last year and lost 2 matches, so all year I was always on the alternates list of players who never get to play…

Luckily this last summer I got in 5 tournaments in France, Switzerland and Belgium, and so my ranking started going up and now it’s easier to get into TE tournaments.

Switzerland Girls U14 Tennis Europe rankings as of September 2021

In Tennis Europe rankings are based on points you earn from winning matches in Tennis Europe tournaments. Obviously the more matches and the more tournaments you play the more points you get. From Swiss girls players I am 6th as of today with 5 tournaments played. I still have 2 TE tournaments this month and maybe one more in October, so I hope to go up still.

Francesca Saroli